From No Time to Grow Time’ in
less than 30 days

The ONLY system that gives you EVERYTHING you need, step by step, to recruit your ideal Executive Assistant in less than 30 days.

The Harsh Reality…

As a landlord, finding a brilliant Executive Assistant can be really challenging:

Lack of Time

Dealing with day to day 'noise' leaves no time for the important job of recruiting.

Bad Past Experience

Tried to use an Executive Assistant in the past…but it didn't go well.


The thought of filtering applications, interviewing etc…. feels like too much.

There IS a better way…

The 'Complete Executive Assistant Recruitment System' solves these challenges:

Tap into Others' Experience

Follow our tried and trusted system, created from years of experience.

Check, check & check

Repeatedly test candidates to find just the exceptional candidates


Every stage is designed to be as streamlined and effective as possible.

Designed with YOU in Mind



As easy as 1, 2, 3.
With you, every step of the way


Don't reinvent the wheel!
Email, task and presentation templates ALL included.


Built to maximise your time, from reviewing applications to running interviews


Designed to filter out the failures and retain the rockstars


Recruitment help and advice throughout the system

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What's Included?

Nothing left to chance! The 'Complete Executive Assistant Recruitment System' contains everything you need to recruit a Rockstar Executive Assistant.

Complete System Overview

Find out more about each stage of the recruitment process



Test Task

Video Task

Interview 1 - Competency

Interview 2 - Values

Interview 3 - Take It Or Leave It


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What Customers Are Saying…

Julia H.

“I have had the most fun and interesting two days. Learnt about where my gaps exist, where I need to find better clarity but best how I can streamline my operations to gain more efficiency and with that buy back time. Time is my most precious commodity. Thanks Andy!”

Harriet S.

What a fantastic day…. Not only were there blue skies but I have been fortunate enough to have a days mentoring from Andy Gaught…..

My property journey is going from strength to strength.

Todays key learnings are mindset based! Congrats Andy for changing mine….

Tracey &
Nick A.

“What a mind blowing 2 days talking with and learning from Andy Gaught our Property Mastermind mentor! Thank you, Andy, for so much value in just a short time. I can't wait to start acting on our discussions and putting the practical business tools into action.”

From 'No time to grow Time'

Choose the level of support that works best for you…



one off payment

Complete EA Recruitment System

Step By Step Instructions

Email, Task, Presentation Templates

Life Time Updates

Premium (recommended)


one off payment

Everything in 'Standard'

1-2-1 reviews of applications,
test task and video submissions
(WORTH £300)

30 days Email Support
(WORTH £200)

1hr Behind the Scenes Tour / Q&A
(WORTH £200)



one off payment

Everything included in 'Premium'

Attendance at 3 x Interview 1
(WORTH £300)

Attendance at 2 x Interview 2
(WORTH £400)

Attendance at 1 x Interview 3
(WORTH £100)

30 Days Additional
Email Support
(WORTH £100)


On top of the amazing Complete Executive Assistant Recruitment System, the following limited time Bonuses are also included…

Standard Operating Procedure Notion Template (WORTH £25)

Create, track and manage your SOPs.

Executive Assistant Work Board (WORTH £25)

Stop wasting time doing work about work. Instead use this powerful template

10 Tasks from Day 1 (WORTH £20)

Get your EA off to a flying start with these 10 easy tasks to give them from day 1!

How to Pay Guide (WORTH £10)

Find out the easy way to track your EA's time, check their work and pay them correctly

1-2-1 Support (PRICELESS!)

Email and Personal Virtual Support available (subject to package)

about me

I've been investing in Real Estate for the past 8 years, building up a £1.5m portfolio in the South of England, UK.

As well as building my own portfolio I help property investors to systemise their businesses using tools like Notion and Asana, and to outsource using virtual assistants.

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